25 Best 3D Diamond Logo Design Ideas and Inspiration

Diamond is a beautiful stone that is often used in jewelery and fashion accessories. It has 3D structure and it reflects nearby light which make him glowing that dazzles your eyes. Due to its beauty it is very expensive. There are many businesses running who use diamonds in jewelery and cloths. Where there is a business there is a logo. Logo has become extremely important for all kind of Online or offline business. and in diamond trade business competition is very high. If you want to beat your competitors in market then you must have a creative logo that attracts people and make them to visit your outlet and become your customers.
There are already many creative diamond jewelery logo designs are made by best industry graphic and logo designs have a look on this showcase

25 Beautiful Examples of Diamond Jewelery Logo Designs

Diamond Falls
diamond logo inspiration
 Diamond City
diamond logo inspiration

 Kiwi Diamond Natural Jewellery

diamond logo inspiration
Diamond style cloth
diamond logo inspiration
diamond logo inspiration
 Diamond love
diamond logo inspiration

Turtle Stone

diamond logo inspiration

You are a diamond - The Pressure is good for you
diamond logo inspiration

Holiday Gem

diamond logo inspiration


diamond logo inspiration

Diamond Photography

diamond logo inspiration

 Fox Diamond Jewelry

diamond jewelry logo designs


diamond logo designs

 Diamond Corporation

diamond corporation logo designs

Black Diamond Golf Equipment

diamond logo designs

Diamond Tie logo

diamond tie logo design
Diamond Film productions
diamond logo designs


diamond logo designs

Diamond Ring logo

diamond logo designs

diamond logo designs

Diamond Press

diamond logo designs

 Diamond App

diamond logo designs

  Star Diamonds

diamond logo designs

 Strawberry Assurance

diamond logo designs

Create Circle Using CSS - CSS3 Circles Tutorial 2014

CSS3 can be used to draw simple design elements like square, circles etc. Previously web designer use Photoshop images and JavaScript to do this work but CSS3 properties has made it easy to create circles. Circles created using CSS are extremely fast loading than images.
So I am starting this short tutorials which will tell you how to use border-radius property and draw a circle in no time.

HTML Part:

Just create two div blocks with classes .container and .create-circles

CSS3 Part:

How to create a Square Using Simple CSS

First assign values to height, width and background color properties.
The above code will create a fine square square of red color. You can change the property values according to yourself.


Border-Radius Property:

Now to change the shape of this square we will use CSS3 border-radius property. This property create round corners on the edges of square. If i give 60px value to border radius property square with rounded corner will now look like this.

Make Complete Circle

To make this a complete circle. give 100px value to property. It will create a perfect shape circle. The value of border radius to create circle depends on the height and width of the div container. You should change the value till your square becomes circle

Since it is CSS3. It may be possible that the circle won't show up on all web browsers

Solution to browser compatibility issue

For our CSS circle to show up on all web browsers add these two lines in CSS

Final Complete Code:

Since this tutorials is for CSS beginner so here is how final code will look like
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Create Circles</title>
<style media="all" type="text/css">



<div class="container">
<div class="create-circles">



You can also write CSS in external page or with in body with script tag For More tutorials and latest post updates. Subscriber to our feed click here

Learn the Advance Web Designing Techniques with Adobe Certified Expert in Flash Certification

The ACE Certification for Flash

The Adobe is the most popular company for providing various softwares related to the wed development and wed designs like the Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and etc. The wed development and the Wed designing sector have been on its boost because the roles and the objectives have increased. In this scenario, the needs for the certified professionals have accelerated to handle the complex matters of web designs. The Adobe Certified Expert for the Flash is a very important and powerful certification which is related to the web designing field. This certification verifies and certifies the skills and the practical abilities of the individuals regarding the web development and web designing in the critical situations. The certification can also lead the individuals towards many secure options.

The ACE in Flash Certification Exam

The CS6 exam is the certification exam for the Adobe Certified Expert in Flash certification. The targeted audiences of this professional certification exam must possess a working experience of 3-4 years in the animation, video programming, programming interactivity and deploying the Flash content to the desktop, web and the mobile platforms. This professional certification exam includes two main parts. In the first part, the individuals have to attempt a written exam which has 50 numbers of questions. And in the second part, the individuals have to participate in the survey in order to gather information about the product experience. The survey section is mandatory for passing the certification exam.

The CS6 Exam topics

The exam CS6 for this certification includes a variety of topics, in which the individuals have to get competency and deep knowledge. The following are the main topics included in the certification exam:

Ø Planning and designing the Flash Applications
Ø Creating , Importing and Managing Assets
Ø Creating animations and interactivity
Ø Programming with Action Script 3.0
Ø Testing Flash Application on multiple platforms
Ø Publishing and deploying Flash Applications

All these topics are included in this exam and the individuals must have command of these topics for securing maximum numbers in the certification.

Skills tested in Exam

Following skills are being tested in this certification exam:

Ø Importing and appropriately optimizing assets
Ø Deploy Flash content to web with the alternate content r the non-Flash devices
Ø Add interactivity with Action Script 3.0
Ø Assess when the Flash is ideal solution for a particular project
Ø Building the complex animations with the nested Movie Clips

If the individuals possess all these skills then they can definitely pass this certification and can fill the several promising job roles associated with this certification.

Job opportunities after getting this certification

For passing the certification, individuals can take help from the Selftest Training and can pass this professional certification easily. There are several secure job opportunities related to this certification. The candidates can get this certification for securing the higher paid designations. They can upgrade their current employment status by certifying their skills related to the Flash.

25 Merry Christmas Wallpapers 2013 to Decorate Your Desktop

Advance Happy Xmas to everyone. Today's post contain best Christmas wallpapers. Only few days are left when we all will be celebrating Christmas with full joy and zeal. Kids, Young, adults and old are very excited about Christmas. because it is the time of the year when all family members come together do feast and exchange gifts and forget their past mistakes and angers. I will not bore you more with lecture. Just download free widescreen Christmas HD wallpapers for desktop laptop and iPhone.

Beautiful Happy Xmas HD Wallpapers 

 December Goodies 

december snow hd wallpapers

 Santa Bringing christmas gifts

santa claus gifts hd wallpapers

 Santa Claus Red wallpaper

santa claus hd wallpaper 2013

 Xmas Gift background wallpaper

christmas snow wallpapers

 Christmas gifts red background

merry christmas hd wallpapers

 Happy Holidays from Santa claus 

santa claus merry xmas wallpaper

 Deers pulling Santa Sledge beautiful night full moon

santa claus sledge 2013 wallpaper

 Christmas tree hd wallpaper

merry christmas tree wallpapers

 Happy December holidays

merry xmas hd wallpapers 2013

 December winter globe

merry xmas hd wallpapers 2013

 Jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way

merry christmas santa claus wallpapers

 December nights

merry christmas hd wallpapers 2013

 Santa Blessings 

merry christmas hd wallpapers

Snow falling Happy Christmas

merry xmas 2013 wallpaper

 Happy New Year

christmas and happy new year wallpaper

 Happy Santa Claus background

santa claus background wallpaper

Happy New year 2014

happy new year 2013 wallpaper

 Happy Christmas Candy stick cars

merry christmas hd wallpapers

 Christmas Trees

merry christmas hd wallpapers

 Red Christmas HD Snowflake wallpaper

merry christmas hd wallpapers

15 Stylish Watches for Women/girls You can gift on Christmas

So its time of the year when everybody buys gifts for their dear ones. Mostly men are more generous than women / girls in giving gifts. There are many thing you can gift to your girlfriend or wife. If you thinking of gifting a beautiful watch to your wife/girlfriend on this Christmas. then checkout these Cheap watches for women. Not all can buy luxury Swiss brand watches and give them as gift.
So i have collected some high quality watches in reasonable prices that can beat many brands watches not in quality as well as in design and shape.
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Checkout  Beautiful Watches for Women / girls

Stylish Enamel Bazel Roca Wear Bracelet Watch - $67.50

stylish watches for women

Round Face Classic Rose Gold Plated watch by Bling Jewelery - $5.99

stylish watches for girls

 Stylish Brown Quartz bracelet Watch for girls - $9.99

bracelet watch for girls

 Super Green Bracelet wrist watch for girls $9.99

stylish watches for girls

 Gold White Women's Bangle wrist watch - $11.47

cheap women watches

 Rhine Stone Accented Silver women watch

cheap diamond women watches

 Elegant Gold tone Leather strap Champagne Dial watch -$55


 Beautiful Butterfly Girls watch - $18.18

beautiful girls watches

 Changeable Colorful silicon Strap watch - $29.99

colorful watches for girls

Invicta Angel collection cubic zircon watch - $69.99

invicta watches for women

 Invicta Diamond Chronograph limited edition for women - $114.99

invicta watches for women

 Crystal Accent Gold Diver women watch - $85.99

cheap gold watches for women

Rose Dial Diamond accented watch - $79.99

gold watches for women

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